Get Out of Dependency Hell
Start with a secure foundation before coding starts
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Stop wasting engineering time & cycles on fixing security holes way too late in the SDLC. Start with a secure foundation BEFORE coding starts.

ActiveState gives your engineers a way to bake security right in to your language's runtime. You ensure security & compliance at runtime. A snapshot of information about your application is sent to our Platform: package names, versions, licenses, etc. The snapshot is sent each time the application is run or a new package is loaded. You identify security vulnerabilities, out-of-date packages and restrictive licenses (e.g. GPL, LGPL). 

Watch the video to see how the new ActiveState Platform sets you up to solve these problems and more in a simple, powerful manner.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar

We'll show you how to build security and compliance right into your Python language distro

No fuss, no muss.

The deminar covers everything from managing dependencies to runtime security.

Pete Garcin

Dev Advocate, ActiveState

In the deminar Pete will:

- explore working with complex dependency trees in Python;

- show how to quickly configure virtual environments;

- present how you can implement zero-discipline runtime security scanning for your applications.

We demo how ActiveState's Platform sets you up to solve problems like verifying licenses and building security into your applications from the first line of code into production.

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