The Journey to Software Supply Chain Security

The past five years have demonstrated that everyone is at risk of a software supply chain attack. The software community is looking for informed guidance and practical solutions to keep their pipelines secure from rogue infiltration, and the attacks keep coming. Traditionally, the software industry has focused primarily on addressing security vulnerabilities in their software’s codebase. Unfortunately, the software supply chain problem is far broader and deeper, spanning Import, Build and Use.

But security has always been seen as a blocker to getting software to market, and with the exception of security-conscious industries, is typically given a back seat or put on hold in pursuit of revenue. This has put development and security teams at odds. Now, organizations have no choice but to find a way to make moving fast and securing things work together.

This eBook is your guide through the unknown towards software supply chain security, taking you all the way from Complete Anarchy to Anti Entropy in five stages.

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Learn how to:

  • Balance breadth, depth and change as entry points for potentially malicious attacks

  • Discover the 5 stage journey from Complete Anarchy to Observable Chaos, Automated Security, Verifiable Safety, and finally Enti Entropy

  • Eliminate implicit trust in open source components and implement scalable processes to verify their origins

Learn how to use the organization security dashboard feature on the ActiveState Platform to view all open source vulnerabilities across your organization.

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Demo: Organization Security Dashboard

Make the Supply-chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) framework a reality and secure your development pipeline with real world examples.

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Webinar: How SLSA Fires Up Your Software Supply Chain Security

Learn about ActiveState's secure build platform to import source code, vetted for licensing and maintainability, and securely build the open source packages your team requires.

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Data Sheet: ActiveState Platform Secure Build Service

About the Authors

Dana Crane

With 25+ years in the software industry, Dana has had his share of both crossing and falling into the chasm. He’s currently the Product Marketing Manager at ActiveState Software. You can find more of his work at and

Scott Robertson

Passionate about creating products that solve real problems, Scott drives ActiveState’s technology vision based on his experience of over 20 years knees deep in code. Over that time, he’s  authored a book, founded 3 startups and sold one of them. As ActiveState’s CTO, he understands the pains faced in pushing software into production and the challenges big business has to stay fast and relevant. He helps companies do both.

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