SuperStar Golang Roundtable:
Building Predictability into Your Pipeline

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We’re super excited about who joined us for the roundtable!  Watch it here.
We discuss reproducible builds, environment configuration & dependency management.


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Russ Cox

Sam Boyer

Jess Frazelle

Pete Garcin


Pete facilitates the roundtable. He is the Developer Advocate at ActiveState with over 15 years of software development experience in games & open source. He is passionate about engaging with communities & dedicated to enhancing developers’ experiences.


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Why are you doing this?

  1. We’ve been at open source languages for a long time. We believe in open source.
  2. And we know with more languages, more people touching code in an organization it makes thing go slower and harder. We want to help make things go faster and be easier.
  3. We know that dependency management and reproducibility are among the prime roadblocks to organizations adopting Go. We want to help clear those roadblocks.

What’s the structure?

We spend ~45 minutes in a discussion with panelists. We’ll spend the last 15 minutes answering audience questions. 

Who should attend this? 

We think anyone fingers deep in code will enjoy this:

  • Dev
  • DevOps
  • DevSecOps
  • Engineering Managers
  • QA / QC Managers
  • Etc.

The session will be of particular interest to Go programmers but will be of use to anyone interested in or struggling with dependency management and build reproducibility.

Where should I go to learn more about the speakers?

Pete Garcin, ActiveState
Sam Boyer, Stripe
Russ Cox, Go
Jess Frazelle, Microsoft

How do I make sure I don't miss it & any other cool stuff you're working on? 

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Anything else I might be interested in?

  1. Download our free Go distros
  2. Check out Pete Garcin’s super cool GopherCon talk
  3. Read Pete Garcin’s GopherData post

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How do I watch it?

Watch it on our YouTube channel here.


Go Team @ Google


Sam cares deeply about building healthy communities & is always looking for ways to bring technology’s enormous potential to bear on the world’s critical problems. By day he is a software engineer at Stripe.

Russ is the tech lead for the Go team at Google. He created the go command, including go get, & is responsible for most of what you love and hate about it.

Jessie Frazelle works at Microsoft on open source, containers & Linux. She has been a maintainer of Docker, contributor to RunC, Kubernetes & Golang as well as other projects.


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