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Get Started with Go in Your Enterprise

Companies like Atlassian, Docker and Facebook have embraced Go (Golang) for web services, networking and fast systems development, but many companies are struggling to adopt Go due to a lack of support.

ActiveGo makes it easy to start using Go in your organization. Get over 70 of the most popular Go libraries and tools out-of-the-box and satisfy enterprise requirements for commercial support, security and open source license compliance.

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Build innovative apps with the only supported Go distribution. Develop for free on the platform of your choice.

Build and Ship Faster with 70+ Go Packages

  • Cassandra: gocql
  • MongoDB: mgo 
  • Kafka: sarama
  • Redis: redis client
  • postgreSQL: pq
  • MySQL: go-sql-driver/mysql
  • MS SQL: go-mssqldb
  • Oracle: go-oci8

Connect to Your Data Sources

  • Amazon Web Services: aws-sdk-go
  • Google App Engine: appengine
  • APIs and microservices: go-kit, go-micro
  • Web app development: Gorilla (mux and websockets)
  • Memory cache support: gomemcached

Create Web Apps and Microservices

  • Core testing: assert
  • Error handling: errors
  • Debugging: Delve
  • Code quality: goimports, golint
  • Logging: glog, spew
  • Secure communications: crypto
  • Authentication: oauth2
  • Machine learning: TensorFlow client and documentation

Test, Secure and Innovate

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ActiveGo Community Edition.

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Enhanced Support for Business and Enterprise

Enable developers to spend less time setting things up and more time getting things done, with the top Go packages precompiled and ready to go.

Accelerate Time to Market

Get Reliable Tech Support

Keep your IP out of public forums and get faster, more reliable help from Go experts when you need it.

Prevent Attacks

Ensure security of your code, with the latest secure versions of Go packages and timely updates for critical issues.

Comply with your organization's open source use policies with third-party license reviews, and reduce risk with legal indemnification. 

Reduce Legal Risk

Avoid Lock-In with Open Source

100% compatibility with open source means you can recruit skilled staff, ramp up faster and avoid vendor lock-in.

Ensure Code Consistency

Maintain consistency from desktop to production, with cross-platform support and availability of custom builds and older versions of Go.

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