Python 2 Commercial Support from ActiveState

With the sunsetting of Python 2 there will soon be no recourse to security updates as an increasing number of vulnerabilities crop up in your Python 2 applications. Our custom commercial support option includes:

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Trusted by Developers, Proven for the Enterprise

Support for the features and functionality of the core Python 2 language and standard libraries.

Support for the third-party Python 2 packages, libraries and modules included in your applications.

Fixes implemented in Python 3 core language code will be backported to Python 2.

Fixes implemented in Python 3 third-party packages will be backported to Python 2.

Patches and updates will be made available on at least a quarterly basis.

Support from our Python experts via phone, email and chat

Request an assessment. We'll review your Python application packages to see if we can provide commercial support.

Why ActiveState?

For more than 20 years, ActiveState has been providing commercially-backed, secure, stable and comprehensive open source language distributions to millions of developers and leading enterprises.

A founding member of The Python Software Foundation, we're firmly rooted in open source languages as supporters and contributors.

We believe in creating technology that just works - and making open source easy for the enterprise.

Get Commercial Support for your Python 2 Applications

Chances are if you’ve deployed Python in your organization, you’ve deployed a version that will not be supported after Jan 1, 2020. ActiveState provides options for continuing commercial support including security fixes and support for your third-party packages.