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Empower Data Science Teams with Enterprise-Ready Python

Python is the most popular language for data science and machine learning, but companies still struggle with the complexities of setting up Python environments, as well as concerns over open source support and security.

ActivePython empowers your data science team to focus on innovation. Get over 300 of the top Python packages out-of-the-box and satisfy enterprise requirements for commercial support, security and open source license compliance. 

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Get all you need for data science and machine learning with Python in minutes. Free to use in development.

Unlock the Power of Your Data with 300+ Python Packages

  • Hadoop: HDFS
  • MongoDB: pymongo
  • MySQL: pyMySQL
  • SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper: SQLAlchemy
  • Redis: redis access libraries
  • Memcached: python-memcached
  • ODBC: pyodbc

Connect to Your Data Sources

  • Numerical and Scientific Computing: NumPy & SciPy
  • Data Frames: pandas
  • Visualization: Matplotlib, seaborn, bokeh
  • Managing Large Datasets: PyTables
  • Data Engineering: dask, airflow, luigi
  • Collaboration: IPython, Jupyter Notebook

Analyze and Visualize Data

  • Machine Learning: scikit-learn
  • Build and Train AI Engines: TensorFlow
  • Large-Scale Computational Processing: Theano, Lasagne
  • Rapid Exploration: Keras
  • Natural Language Processing: NLTK
  • Speed Optimization with Intel: Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL)

Innovate with Machine Learning

Start developing for free with 
ActivePython Community Edition. 

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Enhanced Support for Business and Enterprise

Enable developers to spend less time setting things up and more time getting things done, with the top Python packages precompiled and ready to go.

Accelerate Time to Market

Get Reliable Tech Support

Keep your IP out of public forums and get faster, more reliable help from Python experts when you need it.

Prevent Attacks

Ensure security of your code, with the latest secure versions of Python packages (i.e. the latest OpenSSL patch) and timely updates for critical issues.

Comply with your organization's open source use policies with third-party license reviews, and reduce risk with legal indemnification. 

Reduce Legal Risk

Avoid Lock-In with Open Source

100% compatibility with open source Python means you can recruit skilled staff, ramp up faster and avoid vendor lock-in.

Ensure Code Consistency

Maintain consistency from desktop to production, with cross-platform support. ActivePython supports Python 2.7 and 3.5, on Windows, Linux, macOS and Big Iron (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX).

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